Get one of our models
starting from $ 299995 (taxes not included)

*The Security Baths's discount + Home maintenance tax credit

The Security Baths is a recognized company that sells safe baths across Canada


to get a Security Bath

3 years warranty

Competitive prices across Canada

2″ double drain ensures
water flush in less than 2 minutes

Therapeutic and non-whirlpool: no bacteria, 
no maintenance

Outstanding after-sales service and parts at current prices

At your service since 2004

Home service offert

Opt for the Security Baths: a smart choice!

First, it’s a security case! If you are a person with reduced mobility or have health problems, this type of bath is perfect for you.

In addition, our baths are a wise choice: more affordable that
the competition and yet, of equal quality.

Many advantages associated with our products

Easy access

Very wide door


Relieves skin problems, rheumatism or arthritis (in some cases)

Security assured

Prevent up to 95% of falls

Therapeutic effect

Provide a gentle massage promoting blood circulation

Do not hesitate to contact us for a reliable service and

personalized service or to take advantage of a home-based advisor.